Septic & Grease

By pumping grease traps regularly, build up in the pipes, tanks and drainfields can be prevented. All systems are different and need to be treated uniquely. Our experts can recommend a plan that is tailored to your needs. Regular pumping is recommended in order to maintain your system working at full potential and to meet NC State regulations regarding grease disposal. During your off season, we can fully clean your system and remove solids that build up in your trap during regular use.

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Atlantic OBX Inc., has certified Operation & Maintenance technicians who are specialists and will verify that your system is operating within its design parameters to meet the requirements of the local jurisdictions. On-site septic programs have been established in many counties to protect the public health and are in place to ensure that existing on-site sewage systems are properly maintained and functioning. These minimum standards have been developed to reduce the risk of contaminating drinking, ground, and surface waters, as well as reduce the risk of public exposure to untreated sewage.

What we do during an O&M Septic Inspection
- Determine sludge, scum, and liquid levels in each of the compartments of all tanks in the system, determining if pumping is needed.
- Check operation and dosing of any pumps in the system.Inspect drain field area.
- Ensure that all components are in good working condition.

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Portable Toilets

If you have a construction project scheduled, are planning a special outdoor event or have the need for an extra toilet for any reason, we carry the right equipment for you. We will provide you with a clean, high quality portable toilet or handicap friendly unit. It will be maintained on a weekly basis which includes cleaning and paper supplies.

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Septic Tank Inspections

If you or your lender require a septic inspection as part of your property purchase, we are here to help. Most inspections can be scheduled within a manner of days and are followed up promptly with a written inspection report. Contact us for pricing details.

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Septic Maintenance Contract

In order to prevent potential problems and prolong the life of your system, we offer an annual maintenance program which includes: inspection of your tank, including the use of a sludge judge; filter cleaning; proactive bacteria treatment; pumping when solids reach 25%.

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