We service commercial and residential grease traps. By pumping grease traps regularly, build up in the pipes, tanks and drainfields can be prevented. All systems are different and need to be treated uniquely. Our experts can recommend a plan that is tailored to your needs. Regular pumping is recommended in order to maintain your system working at full potential and to meet NC State regulations regarding grease disposal. During your off season, we can fully clean your system and remove solids that build up in your trap during regular use.

Contact us to schedule a visit from our staff. We will inspect your system and devise a program that fits your usage and helps avoid emergency situations.

Maintenance for all septic tanks includes:

  • Check all tanks and lids to make sure they are in good condition.
  • Check scum layer in tank to make sure it does not obstruct the plumbing line.
  • Check sludge layer in bottom of tank.
  • Check tee or filter and clean filter.

Maintenance for pump stations:

  • Check the sludge level.
  • Check the pump/floats/control panel.
  • Maintain a log of services.
  • Check amps on pump(s).

Maintenance on drain fields:

  • For LPP, check drain field lines for bleeding.
  • Flush system.
  • Reset head.
  • Pump down test: Checks the amount of water going into drain field area.


If you have a construction project scheduled, are planning a special outdoor event or have the need for an extra toilet for any reason, we carry the right equipment for you. We will provide you with a clean, high quality portable toilet or handicap friendly unit. It will be maintained on a weekly basis which includes cleaning and paper supplies. Contact us for pricing details.


Atlantic Sewage Control employees as licensed inspector to serve your buying needs. If you or your lender require a septic inspection as part of your property purchase, we are here to help. Most inspections can be scheduled within a manner of days and are followed up promptly with a written inspection report. Contact us for pricing details.

Brad Granger (252) 216-9825
Morgan Miller (252) 202-4376

Operations and Maintenance

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In order to prevent potential problems and prolong the life of your system, we offer an annual maintenance program which includes: inspection of your tank, including the use of a sludge judge; filter cleaning; proactive bacteria treatment; pumping when solids reach 25%. If you would like to find out more about this program, please contact us for additional information.



Our services will keep your septic system operating properly with professional septic tank cleaning, LLP sewer line cleaning and diagnostic services. If you encounter an emergency situation, we offer 24 hour emergency service. Atlantic Sewage Control will respond promptly to remedy the problem and get your system running properly again. As part of each service call, we perform a visual inspection of your system and clean your tank’s filter. If pumping is required, our technicians pump both chambers of your tank. We repair and install septic tank filters, replace standard lids and with each visit will make preventative maintenance suggestions as indicated by the tank condition. Contact us for pricing details.

Our experience is matched only by our commitment to complete the job in a prompt, professional and skilled manner.

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